Corporate Social Responsability

In GoFlow we want to be responsible for the social, economic and environmental, and therefore we undertake the following measures:


1 – We care our supply chain ensuring an attitude of respect for human rights and sustainability.
2 – We are Glocalthinking. We promote local purchasing criteria, even with international reach.
3 – We do our management with Social Responsibility criteria.
4 – We follow a sustainable business and an ethical attitude.


1 – We promote diversity by ensuring equal opportunities.
2 – We are Balanced Life.
3 – Our communication is open and transparent, encouraging participation.
4 – We collaborate with social initiatives locally and internationally. (@DonesPolitech and @Kiva)


1 – We are free paper. We promote the use of digital material.
2 – We follow policies of recycling and reusing the materials we use.


You can see the details of our Corporate Social Responsability actions and check the features of our Distinctive “Etiqueta Responsable” at:

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